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We were at the mid semester when a friend of mine noticed I was dull and decided to approach me and asked me what the problem was. To me it was so obvious to be broke from the mid-semester till end semester. Something that surprised him so much. One would even think being broke was the planet`s biggest crime from his reaction on hearing my case yet we have always been walking in the same shoes all along during our time in campus.

“What? How can you be broke while money is staring at you from every corner?” Simon asked with all the energy he could afford to waste then. He made his words sound so real that I even took a quick look around to confirm there was no money at the corners around.

“What do you mean money is staring at me from every corner?” I counter asked his rhetoric question.

Simon took his time to explain to me word by word on how he manage to make a whopping 10,000ksh  from the comfort of his bed with no hustles apart from comfort and comfort alone. Spicing up his new money making formula, he explained how he only invested as little as one hundred shillings which translated him from a mere “hundrednare“ citizen to the “thousandnare” citizen he now was. On top of that, Simon told me his investment multiplied within a span of two hours.

I was more than eager, waiting to hear this magical way of making money yet Simo (Simon’s short name) was busy bragging on how he was going to spend his money on his girlfriend, take a road trip to Mombasa and then treat himself in some fancy hotel among other plans. Simon made 10,000ksh sound like it was a million despite the fact that we were living during hard times of our economy. After sharing his fantasy, he finished by telling me he was expecting 367,000ksh within the next three hours from his new money generator machine that he had not told me yet what it was.

“I have place a bet on Sportpesa (a football betting website) and I have stacked all my previous winnings plus a few loans here and there,” Simon finally managed to tell me after a long period of waiting. He showed me all the procedures followed from registering with the website to placing your minimum bet of 100ksh. The whole experience sounded interesting and I started my hunt for some money to invest.

I was in my room excited and about to stake five thousand shillings for some football team that I had faith in, when suddenly Simon stormed in crying that his investment did not work and he was counting loses. Immediately, a famous Swahili saying crossed my mind, “ukiona kichwa cha mwenzako cha nyolewa, chako kitilie maji”. The saying means if you see something happening to your close friend, know you are next.

I immediately withdrew my interest in Simon`s money making formula and made an effort to avoid the investment. On top of being broke, Simon was in debt and he joined me in the “team msoto” (the broke team). I learned my lesson through him that fast money is never genuine. Oh! Before I forget I also confirmed that “easy come easy go”.

Huawei p8 Fascination

I have been browsing the Web and came across the Huawei p8.  Many people talk well about it but I tend to think that most Android devices have the same abilities. The only difference is that some are fancy while others are not. When it comes to the  Huawei p8 I find it totally different. Have a look at the link below and drop your comments. And it won’t cost a thing sharing.
CLICK HERE to see Huawei P8.



There have been a rigorous activity currently in Kenya with everyone trying to beat the kra deadline of filing their reports. Most of the common wananchi have been wondering how to go about filing their report. However,  here is a simple tutorial that will help you sort out your problem. Just click on the link. I hope it will be helpful.
http:// http://www.kenyamanual.co.ke/2015/04/tax-compliance-certificate-from-itax/


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Africa the dark continent

Africa has been on top of the world listings for all of the bad reasons. Many people have spoken ill of Africa including the first line of my article. People have known Africa to be the breeding site for all kind of killer diseases. I was surprised to learn the other day that all theories trying to explain the origin of HIV/AIDS have their trace back to Africa. But has anyone out there tried to find out what Africans think about themselves? Has anyone tried to find out what Africa thinks of the other continents? Read on to find out my personal opinions about the phrase “Africa the black Continent”.

Yes!! Indeed Africa is the black continent. It is black in the sense that people who dwell in it have their skins dark. And yes it is dark for the reason that it is the only…

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TAGGING HAS ALWAYS been a controversial
Facebook feature. When originally introduced,
it was beloved—waking up Sunday morning to
tag notifications meant you had a great weekend
and there was documented evidence. But very
quickly we all realized that perhaps photos of
our faces weren’t always a good thing. In fact,
the fact that Facebook’s engine was learning
what we looked like and could suggest inserting
our identity into images came with some
The scope of Facebook’s facial-recognition
abilities has been growing, and fast. This week,
it was revealed that the network can identify
you by far more than just your face. According
to New Scientist, Facebook’s artificial
intelligence lab is working on an algorithm that
can identify people even if their faces are
hidden. Things like your hair, your clothes, your
body shape, and beyond can give you away.
Speaking to New Scientist, head of artificial
intelligence at Facebook Yann Lecun said:
“There are a lot of cues we use. People have
characteristic aspects, even if you look at them
from the back,” LeCun says. “For example, you
can recognize Mark Zuckerberg very easily,
because he always wears a gray T-shirt.”
It’s astounding technology, but we don’t all
want to be so recognizable. Just two weeks ago,
talks in the E.U. to determine a code of conduct
for companies using facial recognition fell apart.
The representatives and advocates involved in
the process announced they “decided to
withdraw from further negotiations” because
compromise could not be found. Facebook’s
newest app Moments, which uses facial
recognition to help you share photos with
friends, is not available in Europe because of its
current policy.
Stateside, however, users must head over to
your settings to attempt a modicum of control
over what the social network’s facial recognition
system does. You can tell Facebook not to allow
anyone to tag you in photos, as well as ask it not
to suggest your name to your friends when
they’re doing so, but there are people who are
taking more thorough measures to maintain
their identity independence. Adam Harvey is the
creator of the Privacy Gift Shop (“an online
marketplace for countersurveillance art and
privacy products”) and the developer of CV
Dazzle, a project focused on finding fashionable
ways to thwart facial-recognition technology.
It’s a creative project, but one that might have
even more work cut out for it. “The approach I
used in CV Dazzle is based on exploiting the
vulnerabilities in the Viola-Jones algorithm. The
neural-network algorithms Facebook uses are
far more sophisticated. To block recognition by
clothing and hair is definitely achievable, but
presents new challenges,” Harvey explained to
WIRED via email.
“The more shared features you have in a
selected photo with other photos of yourself, the
more likely that it’s you in the image. With
enough data, unsupervised neural networks can
sort of figure out what is important on their
own by iterating over and over again until the
most useful visual features are selected. The less
you look like your former self the less you can
be recognized as yourself,” Harvey says.
Everything about you is a data point, and when
Facebook can access those data points,
repeatedly, it’s able to build its ability to
recognize you, beyond just your face—which,
for a handful of companies, has been what anti-
surveillance measures focus on.
At this year’s Mobile World Congress, AVG
unveiled a clunky, absurd-looking pair of
glasses designed to thwart facial recognition
systems. The “Invisibility Glasses” used infrared
light to fight the face-tagging tech. The product
was strictly proof of concept (“don’t expect to
see them anytime soon!” explains AVG’s site),
but it goes to show that some technologists are
working to help us hide. Yet even the glasses
wouldn’t be a total workaround for how
sophisticated Facebook’s system has become:
Turn around, and your naked head could give
you away. Moved to the side, and your
silhouette could betray you.
Not all hope is lost, however. There’s a loophole
in any system that identifies your consistencies:
be inconsistent. “If you think about how these
recognition algorithms work, they rely on
conformity,” says Harvey. “When you dress the
same everyday, you are an easy target for
biometric systems. You are a biometric sheep.
Mark Zuckerberg is an example of an easy
target because he always looks the same.
Cultivate an unpredictable look and you will
create resistance against algorithmic
More than ever, as Facebook’s system evolves
and can identify you beyond your face, the
solution for those trying to avoid it is also to
evolve. You could dye your hair, vary your
wardrobe, consider large tattoos and/piercings.
But even that can only protect you so far—there
are other factors that help Facebook’s facial
recognition systems, namely your metadata.
“Social metadata will greatly enhance any type
of biometric recognition, especially on
Facebook. You could probably even consider
your social metadata as its own type of
biometric data.” Thankfully, Harvey doesn’t
think Facebook’s system will outpace the people
like him trying to thwart it.

Giving up is a choice too…

When you start on a journey, the ultimate goal is always to reach your destination. There is no single time that a normal human being would ever start a journey with an ambition of giving up at the middle. That’s why, in this article and all its entirety we take a look deeper in finding the reasons why we should all condemn the title of the article.

Considering that much has already been said regarding the topic, I won’t buzz around telling you why and how giving up is bad but instead I will take you through my attempts in achieving my goals and how they fail yet I still march on.

Back in last year, I decided to start this blog with much anticipation of how it will generate traffic and getting thousands or even millions of people reading my articles. The first idea that came to my mind was writing about Africa. I wrote my first (around) five articles with much enthusiasm only to get bored after two months. I took a month break from blogging about Africa then decided to cone back with articles on health.

On this particular topic, I did lots of research that drained my brain and left me tired every day. I even wrote an entire 20pages article on how to loose weight. Due to the fatigue caused by the research bearing in mind I had to do my study too on computer science which is my major, I gave up on writing articles about health.

I have since kept off my blog till today, when I have decided to give myself a chance to blog about me. But just like the other topics , I guess it’s just for a season… Or what do you think?

peace is all we need

It’s very disturbing to see how countries indulge in war.
Forgetting humanity and caring more about possession.
How they nature hate and enmity with passion.
Someone needs to address this issue because we need the inversion.
Financing and taking side should be out of discussion.
Whatever the case I believe in civilization.
People all over are dying like flies.
In the tense atmosphere all I here is cries.
A generation being shattered and forgotten for good.
I wonder who will ever take pride in these deed.
Unnecessary evil you may call it.
But wait till it haunts you bit by bit.
For now all people do is sit.
And watch as fellow globemen die.
How I wish I had wings and fly.
Out of this world and find peace.
No matter how small the piece.

A call for peace.
Regards Eliutheris(Eliday).